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Price $383.95
Pros Look great, solid construction, easy to install, lets you cut your fenders to fit larger tires, all while staying legal!
Cons Price!! and doesn't give all that much clearance.
Recommended yes

Comments: I got bushwackers!! These flares are like the must have of every vain jeeper, or mall crawler. They do make your jeep look good though. The practical reason for buying them is they are a solid and well covering flare. They do the job of keeping you legal and keeping your windshield clean in the muddy stuff, and even on rainy days.
A lot of people say that they will easily get torn off when wheeling, but I have to disagree. When installed properly they are pretty solid. I can definitely see your fender getting crinkled like tin foil before these things let go. A negative in the install process, would definitely be the instructions. Its not hard to figure out what is going on, but more pictures would be a help. Also a negative is the crummy rubber edge protector. put the rubber on before you bolt the flares down, the stuff is had to get lying right. I am kind of dissapointed with the ammount of tire clearance. You end up cutting out a lot of metal but the flares take up a but of that much needed clearance. I will probably trim a little of the inner fender plastic. Overall I am happy with the flares, In my opinion they really make an XJ look great.
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