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Budget Shock Swap.. Help Please

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So 5 months ago I purchased new shocks for my jeep and now I want to do a lift. I bought the shocks from autozone, Gabriels I think. I'm going to do an s10 bastard pack lift which should give me about 3 inches. I have a friend at autozone that will let me swap my shocks for longer truck shocks that are the same price. So I will basically be getting longer shocks for free.

What I need to know is what shocks can I replace the stock ones with that will be 3 - 4 inches longer.

I will not be purchasing shocks from anywhere else I just want to trade my shocks so it won't cost me extra.
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No response after 44 mins. Have a little patience. :cheers2: To get the correct length shocks you should take some measurements after the lift is installed. If you just want to guess just pull up the specs on your shocks and find something that gives you more up and down travel.
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