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Budget Shock Swap.. Help Please

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So 5 months ago I purchased new shocks for my jeep and now I want to do a lift. I bought the shocks from autozone, Gabriels I think. I'm going to do an s10 bastard pack lift which should give me about 3 inches. I have a friend at autozone that will let me swap my shocks for longer truck shocks that are the same price. So I will basically be getting longer shocks for free.

What I need to know is what shocks can I replace the stock ones with that will be 3 - 4 inches longer.

I will not be purchasing shocks from anywhere else I just want to trade my shocks so it won't cost me extra.
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This is what I used when I replaced my shocks. I sized them up from the Monroe catalog and matched the mounting codes with the extended and compressed lengths (which I measured on my jeep when I flexed it out). I got my shocks at Autozone and they just cross referenced the part number to come up with the Gabriels.

I actually helped my buddy size up some Gabriel's on his CJ-7 about 3 weeks ago. Three out of his 4 shock mounts broke so he moved them. I actually found the extended and collapsed lengths on the Gabriel website but I can't find it now.
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