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Brand New Ky Offroad Club

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Ok ladies and gentleman. Here it is, Kentuckys newest offroad club is here. It has been in the making for a few months now and finally we got everything we needed together to do it. Here is a little background:

It all started as a few friends in the lexington, ky area wanted to go offroading every now and then but also wanted to form some kind of club while doing it. There were already a bunch of KY jeep clubs around but we wanted our own. We were a bunch of college guys who wanted to have an organized and fun club to ride in who doesnt care about what kind of rig you have as long as it has four wheel drive and you can drive smart.

Now since we are not a "Jeep Only" club here on JF we must ask that if you post of start a thread it must be only jeep related. About 90% of the guys wanting to join the club are Jeep owners and are members of JF themselves so thats why we wanted to start a club section on here since so many of our future members are JF'ers.

Now to the actual club.

The name of the club is called:
T.O.R.C. Offroad

It stands for Twisted Off Road Club. We are based out of Kentucky are not limited to wheelin in Kentucky only. Hopefully as the club grows we can start wheelin in some of the bordering states as well as out west. Even though we do have some of the best wheelin this side of the Mississippi :D:D

We are still in the process of creating a club logo and website, but since our logo is for our club we would like to have the main picture a few jeeps from the club so at our next ride at Hillz N Hollarz on Feb 7th/8th (See Sig) we are going to take pictures and see what kind of club logo we can come up with. We have alot of good ideas now and the logo should be done right after the wheeling trip and hopefully by our first club meeting.

The website is:

Is it currently under construction, but will be up within a few months after we get members rigs and all the official forms online that need to be. If anyone has the ability to make websites/forums please PM me so we can try and get something going.

Currently we open for ideas for when and where meetings will be held. We have many potential members in the Lexington area as well as alot of potential members from the Northern Kentucky area. So I was trying to figure out where would be the middle? Its about an hour from NKY to Lexington so cut that in half and we need to figure out what is about half hour away I guess. This is the only way because I know that many members from the NKY area cant drive an hour each way once a month and the same goes for people from Lexington. Again nothing is set in stone so please post up your concerns and ideas. Im open to anything.

As of right now there are currently only two officers. Me and Spyder6 (Will). I am currently the President/Secretary and Will is the Vice President/Treasurer. We hope to elect new officers at the 2nd meeting that way we can get a good group to show up and show interest.

As for the time and dates of the meetings we still need YOU, those who are interested in joining posting up what days and times you are free. I figure we will meet at a restaurant of some sort, get some food and just hang out and then after we have all gotten some grub hold the meetings. This way we all can get to know each other and when new potential members show up they are welcomed in and not made to sit and listen to club things right away.

I will be posting up applications and information as I get it officially done and then the by laws and rules and other paper work such as that will be given out at meetings and posted on our website when it comes up.

I hope we have alot of people interested and please post in here. Im excited about getting this up and running and hopefully we can become one of Kentuckys finest and most mature and responsible off road organizations. Thanks and have a great day!

TORC Offroad President
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I need to get off here and go cry in a Mark having made this picture I dont know how I would survive. Thank you again mark, thanks haha
You will die and Im going to key your jeep and watch you cry and whine. JUST WAIT YOU!!!
its only paint, and have you seen it recently? our last outing did a number on my clear coat
I dont see you as much anymore will, I dont stare at your jeep lol
you're in denial
That has to be one of you guys, friggin poster child of ky lol

Phillip T.O.R.C. supporter/admirer, cuz the meets are too damn far away
That me..............photoshoped....And your not too far away. PM me, we'll figure something out. This is a state club, not just a central/nky club.
ahh its cool man, maybe this summer I can hook up with you guys.

Til then I was just hoping to get some pics of yalls progress....and slightly stalk this thread
ahh its cool man, maybe this summer I can hook up with you guys.

Til then I was just hoping to get some pics of yalls progress....and slightly stalk this thread
About the same here. I'm having a hard time getting to Northern KY. It seems like something always comes up. And I'm trying to get a second job to support my habit of expelling cash into this thing called a jeep and keep the dream alive of buying a house in a few years. YLIslander... I shall hit you up if I'm planning a journey to the BG area. Atleast me and you can have a meeting. lol.
The meetings arent in NKY. They will be in Georgetown/Lexington/Louisville, wherever is needed. I drive an hour each way to the meetings. I dont want you guys not to join just cause you cant make a meeting. That isnt right. Im sure there is something we can figure out.
Brad when are you gonna do the build you were talking about in the tech forum survey?? Oh and how much were your booms from brandon?
Im collecting parts now and I will be doing it all at once most likely the first week of june. And I got front and rear booms for 35 shipped.
Got a question for all you guys, has anyone ever heard of Western Kentucky Offroad?
There is this sweet *** Rubicon on campus (wku) that has a windshield sticker that has that on it. The guy is older and works on campus so I havent had a chance to ask him about it. Just wondering if anybody on here has ever caught wind of this club?
ive never heard of it personally
It doesn't ring a bell and nothing came up on Google. (other than this thread)
Never heard of them.
Hmmm, now I think I'm crazy. I need to get a pic of this beaut anyways.
is BG too far away to be torc ?
hell no! :thumbsup:
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