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Brake Squeal

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Alright, so basically I had my brakes changed in November when I first put this thing on the road, they worked pretty well for a couple days and then the squeal started coming on... I drove it for months living with it and just a few weeks ago i tried to do something about it, so i took everything apart, lubed up the caliper pins cleaned the pads and rotors with brake cleaner and put some disc brake quiet on the backs of the pads... worked fine for about 5 minutes. I tried doing all of this again, and really worked in the caliper pins until they would slide nice and smooth and tried a different brand of disc brake quiet, same deal. I know the pads are just standard semi-metallic and i realize that some squeal should be expected from them, but the sound that they make (if i dont adjust my braking to make it quieter) is ridiculous. Lately they've only been doing it after being warmed up from a couple of stops and once they start doing it they won't stop until they're cold again. What I've been doing is waiting till the last minute and then braking fairly hard because you can only hear the squeal for a second as it passes through its "squealing range" i guess you could call it. Hard braking= no squeal, very light braking= very faint squeal, normal (smooth) braking= unbearable squeal.
I noticed that there is a bit of play with the caliper assembly up and down but I'm not sure if that could be the cause? Please help, I really want these brakes to be smooth and quiet. thanks.