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Brake LIne replacement

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I was going to put a new brake line on my passenger side front brake. However, once looking at it I noticed there is some damage to the hard line that the soft line connects too. In order to replace that, it looks like I'd have to replace the line that runs through the motor bay all the way to the master cylinder on the drivers side. Has anyone replaced that line? Any advice? I'm not going to try to take the soft line off until I have a plan on replacing that, as I think the hard line will be destroyed in the disassembly process. Thank you in advanced for any help.

2012 Jeep JK Sahara
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Thanks Kruzin, I didn't think I could get my hands in there enough to splice, however, I think I'll look "upline" a little further and see if there is a place to do it. Thanks for the advice.
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