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I have a 2007 Grand Cherokee currently with a 2" body spacer and 31.7" (265/70R17) Firestone Destination tires. I'm looking to improve my ride quality and suspension travel by removing the strut spacers in the front and installing Bilstein 5100 absorbers with the spring seat set to the highest ride height, 2.5". I plan to leave the spacers in the back to achieve the lift in the rear. Any help with the following questions would be greatly appreciated as I'm very inexperienced with adjustable spring seat absorbers.

1) Would I be able to run these absorbers in the front with 2" spacers in the rear?
(The spacers are 2", would I be able to lift the front ~2" as well?)
2) What tire size would fit with the set up described above?
(Would my current tires fit (they fit under the 2" body spacers)
3) Any recommendations? I use this Jeep for mostly highway driving as I have a ZJ for off-roading but I still require a small lift and larger tires.

Link to Bilstein product page:

Thank you!
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