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Bilstein 5100 Front & Rear

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So, it begins...

I have a good size weekend project ahead of me. List of things to do (with comments) and in no particular order:

  • Install Bilstein 5100's on front and rear (I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'll figure it out)
  • Decide how much lift I want - have not bought new tires yet since mine have enough to get me by...(246/65/R17)
  • Resume alignment (I started one and the boys at my shop said to bring it back after strut install)
  • Replace oil pan gasket (may defer this one depending on time allotment)
  • Oil & filter change (of course)
  • Replace Rear Wheel Speed Sensor (getting the dreaded "Service Elect. Brake System" & ABS Warning)
  • Replace A/C Blend door actuator (A/C makes terrible clicking noise)
  • Replace interior driver's side door handle (When I find the right parts for the right price)

Fortunately I have access to a shop that has a vehicle lift bay where I can perform the work.
Any input and advice is welcome!


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I think you're gonna like the 5100's really made my wk handle better. Not like driving a boat anymore. I used the 5100's on all four corners with the front set to 3/4. Also stacked it with the RRO kit. JBA lifted front UCA also.

I have to replace my entire oil pan due to rust. It like it was never painted. There is a recent write up on here with pictures that's helpful. The fact you have access to a lift will be a huge help. Just easier than laying on your back...
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Got mine off Amazon for $107 for the front, and $76 for the rear. On Prime so no shipping...
How in the hell?:eyebulge: You must be a hella-shopper

I paid $400 at
LOL... I forgot to put each on there... $107 each for the front, and $76 each for the rear...
Phew! I was about to ask you to be my parts shopper/supplier. :p

Was it DIY project for you B? How difficult are those front struts to replace?
DIY... It would have been a lot easier if it weren't for the damn clevis.....
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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