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*BEWARE* Armon Coleman (TravisKeese00) *SCAMMER*

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Heya all, just want to make everyone aware and warn you about the forum user going by the name of Traviskeese00. I posted in the classified section about some bumperettes and he posted some pics and a phone number. You can see the post here:

after texting and more pics I bought a set for 150 (shipping included). He then came back and said shipping would be an additional 225. I told him I would not pay 225 more after he told me the 150 included shipping. I asked him to refund the money I paid, and he agreed. Days have gone by with no word from him even after repeated texts. Before I bought the parts his texts were very prompt, but nothing after agreeing to refund the money.

His name is Armon Colemen, and the number he used is in the post mentioned above.

Avoid this guy.
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