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Bestop Deals!

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Some great deals from Bestop this month! Doors, Tops, Running boards, and a Tailgate Organizer!

Bestop HighRock 4x4 Element Doors are High strength Tube Doors that provide great visibility on the trails, protection, and enough options to match your style. Bestop has optional Storage Bags, Enclosure kits, and even Upper Door Panels for these as well. They do have two types, for wedge-style strikers and for post-style strikers.

Bestop SailCloth Replace-A-Top, just like the tried and true formula of the original Replace-A-Top but with a heavier SailCloth Fabric. Premium Multi-ply fabric helps to reduce road sound, absorbs wind noise, and keeps the interior climate more consistent.

Bestop RoughRider Tailgate Organizer give that extra purpose to your rear tailgate by making it work for you. Offers Easy Access storage with lots of versatility and easy installation. Two large storage pockets with extruded channel slide-in, slide-out mounting.
Smaller bag being 11.5"x10"x4" and the larger being 14.5"x10"x4"

Bestop Powerboard & Powerboard NX Automatic running boards! These boards for the Wrangler feature new torsion bar tensioning system that allows for a tighter fit against the rocker panel for better appearance and a smoother operation.
The Powerboard NX features Wi-Fi activation for much easier installation without removing panels and cutting into wiring.
Features of Both:
-Hide stealthily under the vehicle when the doors are closed
-Drops down about 6" and out 2"
-600lb load capacity
-Built-in Anti Pinch safety so they wont retract on your feet or hands
-6.25" wide aluminum running boards with ultra durable non-slip powder coated surface
-Integrated LED Light Kit mounts to linkage or body to illuminate boards and the ground beneath
-100,000 mile/3 year warranty​

Message for the Best Deals and Pricing on Bestop!​
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Have a great Fathers Day weekend everyone!
Bump! And have a good weekend everyone! :cheers2:
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