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Best # and or way to get ahold of Nicolas "Nick" Kolak? Any help to contact him is ap

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Best # and or way to get ahold of Nicolas "Nick" Kolak? Any help to contact him is ap

Hi Jeep forum fam.... I was refered by another forum member who told me to contact Mr. Kolak for iron rock, IROR parts.

I dont do FB and cant find a phone # that is good for him to get info I need.

Help? Thanks!

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Thanks. A phone # would help also please. Anybody?

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Update: Got hold of him. Thanks for the email.

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There is a phone number on the forum for Nick on his Kolak info page.....
Is it ok to use that number to reach out to him with questions?
I prefer to speak on the phone rather than going back and forth on PM or email.

Sure thing! You can reach me at 480 998-3661. Please leave a voicemail with your number if I don't answer.
If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Nick please let me know. If he would rather not have his name mentioned on my channel then please let me know. Thanks!


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I dealt with in in the spring and was able to get in touch with him using the email at the beginning of this thread.

[email protected] or [email protected]
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