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Best 2.5" Lift kit for 2011 Rubicon

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Looking for some help with a lift kit for my new rubicon. I am looking for a 2.5" and the dealer is pushing the Mopar one. Heard some differing stories about them Cam Bolts etc.. Any thoughts? I would rather spend the money now and buy my last one first! Thanks in advance!
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Depends on what you want to do with your jk and your budget.
There are guys who have had success with budget spacer lifts, RE and RC also. But there are plenty of guys who started with cheap and had to upgrade later. Costs more in the long run.
I haven't seen where anyone has had legit issues with Rock Krawler or Poly. Not sure about the others but my RK 2.5 max travel is great, and the arms will work if i ever go bigger.
There are those who get 30,000 miles out of stock driveshafts after a 2.5" Lift.
I am not one of them. I tore my front boot on pan the second time out. So... The only 'extra' for me was the front d/s. (it never failed, i drove 50 hours at high way speed with no sign of trouble. I prefer to manage risk)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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