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Bent Connecting Rods #1, #6 (pics)

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Working on the old Jeep after it's been sitting for a few years. Doing a full *** rebuild, found 1-tons, etc.

When I pulled my pistons I noticed #1 and #6 connecting rods we're significantly bowed.

(pics below; #2 rod in the middle for reference)

One or both of the motor mounts were shot, and it was definitely wheeled hard with broken motor mounts. Could the shifting of the motor have caused this? I seafoamed once, years ago and stalled the motor. Had to pull the plugs and wait for the chamber to dry and she started up fine. Hydrolock?

If not, what? Cam, lifters, pushrods were all good, no bends or excessive wear patterns.

The block is at the shop getting honed, polished etc.

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I figured it out.. it was hydrolock from a misfortunate puddle encounter. Blew out a corner of the head gasket.
Yup that looks like a hydrolock bend. I've seen an engine run hard with a head gasket so blown that it hydrolocked on its own coolant.
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