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Before even thinking about getting stuck and no matter where you are located..
get a really good first aid kit with wire splints, wound dressings, bandages, stitching kit, etc. Learn first aid, you'll thank me someday. A Vietnam vet drilled this into my thick skull years ago. You rarely need a first aid kit, but when you do, you want a luxury model. Puts Murphy's Law on your side.
Murphy showed up one day about tens years ago and FUBAR follows Mr Murphy where ever he goes. The trail is like 31 miles of very remote high sierras. Takes a full 3 days to get through this. and from any end is still another 35 miles to a nearest town. about 10 miles in the trail the air bag goes off at 1mph and me at full lock to the right. Just easing out of courner. BOOM. my tail gunner was a Vet from Vietnam. when he heard it thought the jeep exploded. I was in daze as i was leaning over the wheel making that slow turn right. Fist thought when i t came to was i felt i was on fire. I nust have said load enough for Morgan to hear and he came running. I could not get out of the jeep. both thumbs dislocated one broken arm. any way he lifted me out i set my thumbs and we made a splint. Was a long painful drive out..I do not have air bags is a jeep after that. Harnesses and buckets. First aid kit is key when you need it....

Fact is to get the best off road feel and have people to do it with is a Club. They do know the area you are in< assuming you have clubs near you. We have one in every town here in AZ near me and around the state. But clubs vary alot too. So check them out. Most clubs Ours will lee a guest ride along( none member). Most to joint will want you at two meetings and maybe two clubs runs. Most clubs have like two types of wheelers. One does say easy to moderate they dont do much hard and harder. Then smaller amount tends to run the harder. Why is cost really, it gets expensive to run hard trails. You break stuff, get stuck in huge boulders that tend to leave marks or flop. Like our club on hard trails Leaders can have say on who can go as at times we have had people want to and we let them and they got rather upset on the damage they did to get through it. Now the jeep should have done better it was DRIVER. Driver is most of it really. Better to learn recovery winch use in club too. Hard to get pulled out alone no matter how much that rope cost. Winching you wont always have a tree right where you need it or say big rock to rope. alone these things can lead to Murphy and his friend,,,,....
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