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Here's how to check and adjust your own toe-in that also includes how to center the steering wheel. Using the info in Basic Jeep Front End Alignment, set your toe-in so the fronts of the tires are 1/16" to 1/8" closer together in front than in the rear. This is done by loosening the clamps that hold the tie rod to the tie rod ends, then rotating the tie rod until you get the desired amount of toe-in.

If the tie rod is too tight to turn using pliers or vise grips, spray the ends with something like Liquid Wrench or PB-Blaster (no, WD-40 is not a suitable substitute) and use a pipe wrench on the tie rod to break it loose from where it is seized to the tie rod ends. Better yet, entirely remove the tie rod and put some Antiseize on its threads so it will never seize again.

For an easier and more repeatable way of measuring your toe-in than measuring between the tires, use a pair of 1" square aluminum tubes as in the below photos and use them to measure between. Center and hold the square tubes to the rotors with spring steel clamps after marking them at points equal to the diameter of your tires.

Using just a little care, your toe-in setting will be just as accurate as an alignment specialist can produce using an alignment rack. Plus you can be done in 5-15 minutes from start to finish, quicker than you can even drive to the alignment shop. Not to mention you can do this on your own for free vs. the $70-90 an alignment shop charges for something that is far easier to do than most people would ever guess.

This is all that an alignment shop can do to your TJ, this is the sum extent of an alignment where a TJ is concerned. Neither your caster angle nor your camber angle is adjustable without aftermarket parts so without those, only your toe-in is adjustable. There is no real need to waste your $$$ by paying an alignment shop for an alignment since all they're going to do is set your toe-in and center your steering wheel. Both of which are too easy to do for anyone here to pay for.

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