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Bad parktronic unit replaced with used one

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This is my first post on this forum, hope I don't mess anything up. I would need some assistance with my recently purchased 2005 Grand Cherokee WK, CRDI engine.

Since I bought it it had "Service parking system" message on screen when reversing. I suspected some sensors were bad. I have purchased a OBDLink MX+ unit, DiagFCA software for PC and OBD JScan on iPhone to help me working on the car. I found some errors on the Parktronic module, one referring to a bad sensor which I replaced, but it still didn't worked. There was another error, "B2232 (pts) parktronic internal". As far as I could find online, this translates into bad Parktronic module. I've tried finding an used one, my module was 05026016AB and I've found 05026017AD. I've replaced the unit but still no luck. Now the module shows up error that is not detecting front sensors, but my car is not equipped with those. Is there any way to program the module to only use rear sensors? I was not able to find any option like this with the two software above, hoping someone can point me to correct direction, if there is some more advanced software.
If it's of any importance, on multiple modules I see error CAN B Bus (-) Circuit Open, I will try to look into it later.

Looking forward on receiving assistance, so far I had little luck finding expert mechanics for this car in Romania, at the dealership they wouldn't look at it due to it's age and their lack of experience with older models.

Thank you,
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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