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AzDevilYJ's build thread... finally

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SO im a little late to the game with this build thread, about 4 years to be exact but never to late :D The first few pages are just catching this thread up to date.

Background: I got this jeep from a hunting pal of my dads for $2K and all it needed was a fuel pump. Pretty simple and great deal if you ask me! :2thumbsup:

Year - 1995 YJ 2.5L/Ax-5 Rio Grande Edition

Day I brought her home

So heres about 6 months after i brought her home... Mods had already began here with some 130w KCs and 30x9.50 Mud Claws.

And Current Pic- 35x12.5 Baja Claws; Metalcloak 4" arched fender; Poison spyder trail stinger, steel corners, and hood louvers; Warn Sliders, ENGO 9k winch, Lock-Rite up front, open rear, Ford injectors, 4.0TB, Cold Air intake, Inertia Ring on flywheel, Taurus Fan, 2 -2x3 LED fogs upfront, 40" LED bar on windsheid, LED rocklights and gauges; durango steering box, 136 GC alternator, and im sure im missing things.

Hope everyone enjoys the build up :cheers2:
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Haha thanks! I don't have much money really. it's alot of saving $ and coming up on selling parts. I rent an apt, pay my bills, go to school full time, and work full time. I have about $0.60 in my acct until tomorrow :laugh: I don't go to the bars or eat at restaurants very often. So it's all how I've chosen to spend my money and feed my expensive hobbies.
I too am waiting on some direct deposit bank account lovin haha. It would help if I didn't dd mine as we'll. I spend nearly $500 a month in fuel alone. And if I go wheelin tack on $60-100 more.
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