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AzDevilYJ's build thread... finally

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SO im a little late to the game with this build thread, about 4 years to be exact but never to late :D The first few pages are just catching this thread up to date.

Background: I got this jeep from a hunting pal of my dads for $2K and all it needed was a fuel pump. Pretty simple and great deal if you ask me! :2thumbsup:

Year - 1995 YJ 2.5L/Ax-5 Rio Grande Edition

Day I brought her home

So heres about 6 months after i brought her home... Mods had already began here with some 130w KCs and 30x9.50 Mud Claws.

And Current Pic- 35x12.5 Baja Claws; Metalcloak 4" arched fender; Poison spyder trail stinger, steel corners, and hood louvers; Warn Sliders, ENGO 9k winch, Lock-Rite up front, open rear, Ford injectors, 4.0TB, Cold Air intake, Inertia Ring on flywheel, Taurus Fan, 2 -2x3 LED fogs upfront, 40" LED bar on windsheid, LED rocklights and gauges; durango steering box, 136 GC alternator, and im sure im missing things.

Hope everyone enjoys the build up :cheers2:
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Yikes man. Did you reassemble the stub shaft in the hub after removing the broken shaft? There's no reason it should have failed if you did that.

It needs to be there to hold the unit bearing together. The 36mm nut squeezes the bearing between it and the stub shaft
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