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Price $179.85
Rating 1
Pros Cheap, looked ok at first inspection
Cons Cheap, ports did not line up with gasket and head, had to hammer/dent the # 6 tube to clear the intake. Cracked after 6 months
Recommended no

Comments: Bought this from amazon to replace my cracked factory manifold. I had rewelded it and it lasted another 10 years before it cracked again. I bought this one thinking it looked like a decent replacement. Once I got it, I set a new fel-pro gasket up to it and all but two of the ports did not line up. Most were off by 1/8in or more! Other than that, it looked ok. I took a die grinder and fixed the ports best I could. I didnt have enought time to return it for another as I had the jeep torn down already. I installed it and had to hammer the #6 tube to clear the intake. Cheap POS!
Here I am, probably 6-8 months after installing it and it has cracked! Also, this so called "stainless steel" started rusting after about a month.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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