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Atlas92 Build Thread "99 WJ"

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I have been having a few people asking about my rig so I am going to start a build thread. I got my jeep in Feb of 2010 with about 140,000 miles. It has the 4.0L, np242, d30/35 and 3.73 gears.

The earliest pic I have of my jeep, stock suspension, 245s, 1.5" RC wheel spacers, and cladding painted black.

About a week into owning the jeep, I got a hole in one of my fuel lines up by the gas tank, so I decided to do a tank tuck while I had the tank out.

For about the next month after that, I started stocking up on lift parts. I think this cheepest way to get 6" of lift. I think I am right at $1000 in parts at this point in time.

RCX 4" lift
Rusty's 2"bb
IRO upper adj control arms
IRO fixed lower rear control arms

I put the lift on buy myself (took 10 hours) so I didnt really care to take and pics in the process of putting it on. It measures 6.5" actual lift I dont have a t/c drop and I dont have any vibes.

The only good pic I have with stock wheel and tires.

I got at set of half used Baja ATZs from a friend of mine for free. 35x13.50R20. I got a set of 20x8.5 gunner 5s from discount tire. So for under $700 total I have a good set of 35s mounted and balanced.

I was having a lot of bump steer so I got rid of my little RC adj track bar. I would not recommend it to anybody. I bought an IRO adj track bar form Bama_WJ for a good price and it solved my problems.

I cleaned my headlights with the 3M kit that goes in the drill. It did wonders for my lights.

I then tinted my turn signals and side markers. I also added some tow hooks and trimed my bumper

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It think there is room for some 37s now. I am planning on doing the rear sometime, but it is too hot outside. I sould have 37s by March so no rush on the rear.
Looks real good, man. What'd you use to trim?
Thanks, I just used a 3" cut-off wheel that I got from Harbor Freight. It did a pretty good job.
Trim looks good! You gonna throw on some bigger axles before you go 37's??
Thanks guys, I will swap in a 44a out back for sure and maybe hevier shafts up front. I have a light right foot and I will have pit bull rocker radials on there, so hopefully less spinning and less breaking of stuff. Ton swaps after I get out of school which is going to be about 4 years. I really dont want to mess with the whole tone ring thing for brakes and ABS anytime in the near future.
No, the wj's never had stock u-joint shafts
They did. they are hard to find, and WAYY over

I stand corrected. I would say that those are very hard to find.
The weater cooled off a little today so I thought it would be a good time to get the rear trimmed. So now I can bottom out my shocks front and rear and not have any rubbing. There is not room in the rear for 37s with short arms. When it is flexed, the axle pushes back too far. There is just room for the 35s.

max flex w/ no trimming

front only trim

front and rear trim

More pics with front and rear trimmed. That is full flex, there is no more up or down travel

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I went to Interlake again today to test out the trimmed fenders.

As I was on my way out and I decided to mess around in this washed out part of the road.

Then... woops

It was the loudest sound Ive heard a vehicle make. When it fell, my tire got sliced a little on part of the inner fender.

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The dodge in the background would do more than that mall crawler lol. Jk looks even better in person. Im ready for the end of harvest then we'll take the JK and the WJ out!!!!!
the more I think about it the more I want to swap axles, but I want to keep the speedometer (Im not worried about the ABS). Ive heard of a speedo swap, but I dont really know that is. Can anybody tell me what that is? Also I found a 14 bolt and a dana 60 for the rear that I may be able to get for next to nothing. They are both 65" wide. Which one would you choose?
are you wanting to go 1ton axles? you would still have the speedo and tone ring problem. If these are not working properly then i think you can burn up your tranny, as thats what i have heard. no experience here on the axle swap
Ive seen a few wjs with the speedo gear swapped in on the transfer case output. I think then you would just not have ABS, but Im not really sure.
Since I'll probably be swapping axles down the road, I saved this link in my favorites. May help you out some.

swapping axles in a WJ and keeping the speedo - Forums
I will say that your whole wj/wheels/lift/color look really good.
Thanks for the info bama, that will come in handy. Thanks for the compliment lloyd.
I haven't done too much to the jeep lately because my money tree is going dormant with the cooler weather. I painted the grill black, and repainted my bumpers and cladding black. This weekend I am going to take the BB off so I'll be down to 4" lift and 35s. Hopefully my ride quality will return :D. I'll get pic of it as soon as I get it done. Also, I dug out some of the RC parts that I have no use for. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in 4" lift RC 2.2 shocks, or RC adj trackbar.
I got the 2" BB taken off today. It rides like a dream now, or close to it. There is still a lot of room for the 35s. Next summer I am going to go with 6.5" IRO springs, with some custom made long arms, and 15" steel wheels with 37" rockers. Let me know if you are interested in my BB.

Here are some pics at 4" and 35s. I also have debadged and added some blacked out driving lights.

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looks good man only thing i would change is the rear carrier and make it tuck in closer to the jeep
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