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Atlas92 Build Thread "99 WJ"

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I have been having a few people asking about my rig so I am going to start a build thread. I got my jeep in Feb of 2010 with about 140,000 miles. It has the 4.0L, np242, d30/35 and 3.73 gears.

The earliest pic I have of my jeep, stock suspension, 245s, 1.5" RC wheel spacers, and cladding painted black.

About a week into owning the jeep, I got a hole in one of my fuel lines up by the gas tank, so I decided to do a tank tuck while I had the tank out.

For about the next month after that, I started stocking up on lift parts. I think this cheepest way to get 6" of lift. I think I am right at $1000 in parts at this point in time.

RCX 4" lift
Rusty's 2"bb
IRO upper adj control arms
IRO fixed lower rear control arms

I put the lift on buy myself (took 10 hours) so I didnt really care to take and pics in the process of putting it on. It measures 6.5" actual lift I dont have a t/c drop and I dont have any vibes.

The only good pic I have with stock wheel and tires.

I got at set of half used Baja ATZs from a friend of mine for free. 35x13.50R20. I got a set of 20x8.5 gunner 5s from discount tire. So for under $700 total I have a good set of 35s mounted and balanced.

I was having a lot of bump steer so I got rid of my little RC adj track bar. I would not recommend it to anybody. I bought an IRO adj track bar form Bama_WJ for a good price and it solved my problems.

I cleaned my headlights with the 3M kit that goes in the drill. It did wonders for my lights.

I then tinted my turn signals and side markers. I also added some tow hooks and trimed my bumper

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Im def. diggin your jeep ha, i got to thinkin i really wanted to see the wj im gonna wheel with on 35's before i saturday haha... very good lookin jeep, wish mine had 35's though :(
Right on maybe sometime you Caitlin help me trim for 35's or so.
what time you headin to the toys for tots saturday? maybe we can head there together
Alright that's cool
hopefully we can all meet up and head down together
yes indeed it was a diesel. he had a couple buddies one with a jk on 3/4 ton or 1tons, cant remember.. we had a blast

see anything similiar lol
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Yeah some retainers are soon to follow haha. Butt yes I enjoyed wheeling Saturday. Gotta trim fenders now muahaha
Ha yeah the yota was pretty slick. He killed it a few times. But still cool watchin it. Shoulg go next time with us.
That's no good. I hate thieves, we'll have to get together sometime
Okay me and the wife will try to make it that weekend, we'll see how money is. Just let me know
very nice score! im jealous, but i found a D60 BUILT drop in :) except its 2600 plus more if i add locker...

when you wanna help me trim my fenders?
i just trimmed my front fenders :D muahaha, few hours later i was done, ill put pics up later... i want 35's
Labor is what gets ya. They probably have a jig set up. Also a d60 axle just the axle is 1600 then you add gears and or locker still only at 3600 ish
yes. the pumpkin is only going to be an inch larger, it was stated on the thread showcasing the bolt in d60
hey atlas pm and let me know what your doing with your axles
Looks like stuff is starting to come together, hey, im gonna try to make it down saturday when your off work, get to see my new wheels in person :tea:
About time for an update :) update on mine, rear end blew up
You need to finish your swap and take me for a ride, im missing my wj, since i let it go back, tired of replacing the rear end.

But ive got new project, 94' xj 2wd.

what you doin with your old t-case?
good deal
you need to call me sometime, i had gotten a new phone and thought i got all my contacts onto but i had lost some
So your staying with the 3 link out back? seems like a good idea!
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