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At a stand still / intermittent start

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I’ve been building a 96 zj for about a year and a half now , it’s rolled out of the garage a couple times .

First time being when I swapped rear axle and installed long arms went on a Jeep poker run .

During this maiden voyage it randomly would stall but would fire right back up and occasionally would die at idle . Again it would start right back up . I wasn’t to worried as I had found other things to address on this trip, I honestly didn’t think much of it .

Fast forward about 7 months to current time Jeep comes out of the garage again runs drives still stalls etc turn it around to do the rear coil over and frame plating etc . I finished it drove it to the gas station about 1 mile each way pull in the drive way won’t freaking start back up .

Go through the checks that I’ve found in here the dirty dozen rat monkey and zee jays listsetc for stalling huge help by the way Huuuge . ( at this time I have a no start ) .

So check spark got none , went through cps and it didn’t check out, replaced it (volt gauge and fuel gauge would get stuck at zero before) they still hang up occasionally . Bypassed ignition switch to rule out key tumbler passed .

Thoroughly cleaned pcm grounds at coil , cleaned charging system grounds at passenger side fender . Inspected grounds at back of block both driver and passenger heads and cleaned where they meet at firewall .

IT starts !!! At this point I’m stoked like heck yeah we’re back , I haven’t even got to wheel this thing yet . Turn it off won’t start . Wait 30 min starts right back up . Turn it off 2 mins after starting if that won’t start back up . I’m kinda stuck here .

New plugs
New wires
New rotor
New coil
New cps
Above grounds mentioned cleaned
Fuel pressure checks out
1 code for ambient battery temp high 1 week old optima
Temp here’s about 110 outside
1 code Evan purge solenoid . This rig is off-road only doesn’t have any emission stuff .
1 code high voltage 02 bank 1 sensor 2 code
No cat no 2nd sensor
So at the moment that’s where I sit . I’m
Looking for suggestions and help as to where to go and what to do . I’ve also checked trying to start with 02 sensor plugged in and unplugged . As well as rattled pcm wires cleaned them unplugged snd re plugged squeezed trying to make a broke solder reconnect . No effect