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around a 2004 with 2" lift and BFG 33x10.50 on stock r15

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Anyone have around a 2004 TJ with 2" suspension lift and BFG 33x10.50 on stock r15 rims? I cant decide if i want 33x12.50's or 33x10.50's when i buy my tires. I said BFG but any tire with those measurements will give me an idea. I would really be happy with a pic. of the 33x10.50's with a wheel spacer kit. This is what i have come up with to make the tires look like they have the same look as the 12.50's as far as wheel base. I would really appreciate a few pictures so ill know what to expect when i fork all that cash over. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have pics of 2" 33x10.50 and 15x8 3.75 bs if that will help
Lets see it Dealer. Now im interested. Your set up looks real similiar to what I'm putting together at the moment.
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