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Are there any soft top pics?

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all I've seen is hard tops.
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^^^ Not with the top off, but there is a pic on that shows one on the test track.
LOL. I missed those responses with those pics. Hilarious and it does look like the dog!
bogerbuble said:
P.S. Your obvious spam linking to your new board is getting annoying
It's not my board, there just happened to be info over there that people over here were asking about. I was under the impression I should do a link rather than just "img" the pictures over here...
TurtleMacLeod said:
Scottyc, how is taking the top down on a TJ a PITA? It takes all of about two minutes.
I was merely probing in to why it would be any harder on a JK than a TJ.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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