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Anyone know how CJ jeeps got to Thailand?

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Hi friends,

Hoping an aficionado can help me with the history of how CJ jeeps got to Thailand.

I have a 1968 CJ-6. It is a right-hand drive. Seems like it started out life that way. I bought it in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Says Kaiser on the plate under the hood.

I thought maybe it was a base or MP jeep when the US was in Thailand during the Vietnam war.

But that's just a wild guess.

Any help or information would be great, thank you!

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That's not an American market 68 CJ6. Grill, fenders, tub, doors and tailgate are all different.

It looks more like a Mahindra built CJ, or ssanyong, or mitsubishi even? , what does the title or data plate say?

Also, just noticed 6 lug axles.... not cj either.

What motor, trans and diffs?

Aaaaaaaand taking a closer look, the front fenders are attached to the tub and not seperate units, the dash is decidedly unjeep in its entirety, as is the windshield frame.

Proportionally, it actually looks closer to an M-170....

As one who has owned a couple commandos, including a '68; can assure you NONE of that is from a commando.

1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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