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Anyone interested in a "Jeep Weekend" event?

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Here in the Lakes Region we have a "Motorcycle Week" which started out as "Motorcycle weekend" many years ago. Some 300K to 400K bikers show up every year in June.
What if, in stead of Motorcycles it were JEEPS! And instead of June, it was Sept 2014
So I'm thinking of talking with the people who sponsor MC week and a bunch of jeep dealers and companies who might be interested in setting up tents and booths.
And I can already think of a couple good ride events like "Thunder in the Mountains" an organized ride event thru the Sandwich Notch to honor wounded soldiers. And "Jeep Parade" a parade like drive thru 3 or 4 towns.
So who's on board? Anyone else interested?
Anyone interested in helping to organize this?
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I think it sounds like a good time. But having it in Sept. likely makes those who would drive a greater distance for a Jeep thing have to decide between the Jeep Rally and this event.
There is a Wounded Warriors Salute Jeep weekend at Rocky Mtn Terrain Park on Aug. 8-9th. Lots of raffles and stuff, wheeling from mild to buggy stuff.

Contacting local clubs in the southern Maine, NH, Mass, and Vermont areas may get you more hands-on help as well as ideas. Living in Maine, I know is a large group with a presence in the Lewiston/Auburn area.
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