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Anyone here?

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Will be new owner of a 392 this spring (just paid deposit and reserved a dealer alotted unit). Who else is a glutton for punishment buying the first run and being a beta tester???
Who has answers or questions about what little is known so far?
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So, are you saying that if any of those original dealer allotments are left when the "base" model is available, their price may come down?
At least back to sticker. By end of summer should be able to order a 392 without the top convenience/safety packages. Those packs make a huge chunk of price. Once the base is out and people start buying them - the market demand on the Launch will drop. Demand goes down so does price. And remeber - those packages add price - but not value (later those packages may add 1-2% to value while new they add 3-8 to cost).

Use the builder on jeep site - compare a rubi 3.6 with every conceivable option to a 392 minus the top two package prices (from what $$ they added to the rubi 3.6)... the hemi is only about a 15000 dollar difference. I've seen folks throw that and then some into a nicely done swap... for the cost of a good crate engine the oem 392 plays well with the rest of the vehicle's electronics as its all programmed around that platform - where swaps simply arent!
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