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Anyone from Huntsville, AL???

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Just as the title askes, anyone nearby with some offroad spots? I have one down the parkway under the overpass at the TN River!
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Jackson County Sheriff's Office

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The Bingham Mountain Easter Rock Crawl & Run scheduled for the upcoming weekend has been CANCELLED by the Landowners Association in Jackson & Madison County. This cancellation will be strictly enforced by the Jackson & Madison County Sheriff's Office and anyone in violation will be subject to arrest for trespassing. If you know anyone who was planning on attending this event, please help us to spread the word by sharing this status or notifying them. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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I vote for a Bingham cleanup ride. Maybe we can show the landowners that there are people who enjoy to explore and not trash everything.
RCRC has done this for years.
If it's needing to be close, then I'd vote for Hale. Has anyone been to or heard of Waterloo AL, past florence?
Partied hard during the biker days at the end of Trail of Tears rides at Waterloo.
Pep Boys on S. Parkway does. Got the paper with the readings in my hand.
Looking for a good used 35 x 12.50 x15 for a spare. Possibly also a 15 x 8 black spoke wheel with 5 on 5 bolt pattern for a JK.
Got 5 35x12.50x17 Cooper STT Pros, 1 XD Rockstar wheel for my spare, AEV tire carrier.
Pics, those coopers will run nice!
Just sold the LJ to a good friend in SLC, Utah. White JKUR is the wifes
61 - 69 of 3377 Posts
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