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Anyone from Huntsville, AL???

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Just as the title askes, anyone nearby with some offroad spots? I have one down the parkway under the overpass at the TN River!
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Hale Mountain Feb Jam, Feb 7th

Hale Mountain Annual Feb Jam

Sat Feb 7th, gates open at 7:30AM

Gate will open early to accommodate those who wish to avoid the rush.

Regular Gate Fees will apply to this event. $15.00 per person per day.

Food will be available for this event.

Ya'll come and support a wonderful local park run by a wonderful family!
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Oh and the Warn engine skid... Don't ask why my son painted it blue 😜

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Need to flip those rear bolts - the first rocks that you drag over will destroy the bolts and make them totally impossible to remove...

At least if you mess up the bolt head, you can grab them with vise grips..

They really should be counter sunk socket head bolts.
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WRT to the AX5 - the weakness is in torque application in the reverse 'direction' - i.e. coming down hill in 4LO or jump starting it... it's not designed to have torque applied to the output shaft...
In normal applications, i.e. engine applying torque, they are more than adequate for the 4 squirrels. (we've seen several mercilessly beat on and never a failure)
AX5 on C/L

Ok sounds like we will just replace the ax5 with another and do the clutch while it is out. Found a couple in the area for about 650 used.
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