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Any Walker Valley regulars?

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I'm looking to get up to walker valley, I scouted it on a road trip but never really been in the area and just looking for some advice, tips from anyone familiar. Got a shock upgrade and some other work to get to this weekend hoping to be ready by next weekend.
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Honestly though if you can't get around that gate there is no point in trying the trails lol.
Walker is not closed, the gates are closed but the bypasses of the gates are there so kids or others without 4x4's don't go up there and party or litter. You are allowed to go around the gatekeepers if you are able.
Actually the gates are there because that section of trail is closed. When it's open, the gates open.

That will show you why. Granted it may not lead to a lot of trouble, but I don't doubt they'll give you a ticket if they see you taking an unapproved route into the park.
Most of Walker is open. The gates are normally closed as mentioned earlier to keep the trash dumpers and other troublemakers out. If logers or other needed trucks need to get in then they open the gates. And like mentioned if you can get around the gates it is perfectly ok to go in and wheel. Don't forget your discovery pass. I would like get out there Saturday the 12th. Anyone care to meet about 10 AM or so?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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