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Any reccommendations for Jeep trails near Fayette, WV?

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Any reccommendations for Jeep trails near Fayetteville, WV?

I'm headed to WV this weekend for a wedding near Fayette, WV. I'm finding all kinds of ATV trails there, just wondering if there are any Jeep trails around.

I'm basically in a stock WJ Grand Cherokee, so I don't need big giant rocks or Dukes of Hazzard style Jumps, just would love to get my tires muddy...and it's sort of hard to do that here in Washington DC.

Any recommendations welcome, good or bad ;)

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Wish I'd have seen this earlier. I can't remember the name of the road, but it's a dirt road that winds along the gorge from Thurmond to Prince. Nothing hardcore at all, but really scenic and lightly traveled.
Crapola! Oh well, next time i get out that way I'll hit it up...
Thanks for the info though.

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The road is called McKendree Road. If you take the main drag off 16, make a quick left onto 25 (Thurmond Road) and keep following it. It'll take a couple hard turns and just before it ends there will be a hard left over a bridge. Once you cross the bridge it turns to dirt. There are some side roads, but I'm not really sure if I'd take them. We took one and ran into a lean to with a tarp roof. Maybe a house. Maybe a hunt cabin. Maybe a meth lab. We weren't chancing it and did a U-ee.

When I had my first TJ back in '98 my daughter, who was 8 at the time found it. Took forever and I was real close to seeing my gas light come on.

A few years ago I went up there to see my dad and my niece, her husband and their kids came up with their Jeep. We spent the better part of a day cruising at less than 10mph taking in the sights and picking berries. We got a 5 gallon bucket of blackberries and about 2 gallons of raspberries. And I had a VERY close (3' or so) encounter with a doe when I walked up to where she was bedded down.
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