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Any good wheellin close to Little Rock?

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Live just north of Little Rock and am wondering if there's any legal places to wheel around here. I've headed up to superlift in hot springs a few times but it gets expensive. Anywhere closer would be awesome.
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C'mon y'all, find some trails!
Anyone available for a spurs of the moment ride Friday?
Heading to the Ozark National Forest tomorrow.
I plan on leaving Greenbrier around 10am.
Nothing serious just random two tracks starting around Cleveland and going West.

text me, five zero one two six nine o nine nine six.
Headed to superlift in the morning. Late reply but maybe someone else is going too.
Thinking of heading to brock creek or to ouachita forest this weekend, anyone interested
Bump for next weekend
I'm going hunting!! Bow season beats out wheeling.
That's OK I'm hosting a family trail run at the end of the month. Has anyone done any of the trails around middle and east fork Illinois bayou? If so how were they, got any pics?
Has anybody ever attempted the hill climb at Mayflower. I took a 93 toyota pickup with nothing but a body lift and 33's about 3/4 of the way of and got in a pretty bad situation. Its pretty gnarly. Ive made it on a dirt bike once but that was it.

Don't live in the area anymore so I'm not sure if it has been fenced of or not. It would be worth a try if you think you have the vehicle for it.

Its on dawn drive on the way to the top of the mountain on the left. cant miss it. Its a powerline road.
Were there several mud holes once you got to the top of the hill
No. The top of the hill was where the road comes back around. Its pretty tough. The first part is covered in loose bowling ball sized rocks, then halfway up, there is a couple of shale ledges. After them, its not bad but they just crumble underneath you.
Been several years since I have been there so they may have fixed it for the power company trucks.
Anyone ever find any really good rocky trails in the Brock creek, Illinois bayou area. My brother is coming down from up north, and I'd like to find some trails with technical rocky sections. Any suggestions?
I am in the area from Iowa, have family here in Ash Flatts. Wanting to head out to that area tomorow, or friday, maybe even saturday. Unfortunately I dont have my TJ here, but I have my XJ with 3.5 lift and 31s(easier to transport the family)

Anyone around want to show me the sights? Pm me and ill send you my cell # to discuss the details.
I'll be in little rock for the next 2 weeks and would like to break in my WJ if anyone is up for a ride with a rookie?
The Arkansas Crawlers are having a new guys run on the 29th at superlift orv park in hot springs. You can get more info at
Midsouth Jeeps will be there the weekend of April 12th and will have a trail group just for take-it-easy types if anyone wants to take it light that Saturday morning (or Friday, pre-running easy trails). There will be separate groups for all skill levels come Saturday.
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