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Any good wheellin close to Little Rock?

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Live just north of Little Rock and am wondering if there's any legal places to wheel around here. I've headed up to superlift in hot springs a few times but it gets expensive. Anywhere closer would be awesome.
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see my new thread, all goes right I'm going to the Ozarks Saturday.
You can meet me in Greenbrier or in Hector...
There will be some low branches so scratches could happen.
how was it I've been wanting to go up there some time.
I checked the Brock creek area I got there late so I only had a chance to do 52 well most of it. 49 is too narrow for I a jk but if I had I jk I wouldn't go out there with out a set of jeep skins. I plan to return a weekend soon to explore some more trails.
Its a big forest

I'm going to try and do Forest riding Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather.No doors on the CJ and I haven't fixed the heater yet.
Depends on if I get done Friday working by Friday night.
Do you have a particular region of the forest in mind?
I'm planning on checking out Brock creek again either Saturday or Sunday. I've thought about doing 51 to 47 to 42 before coming back down 51. Let me know if you're interested.
some parts are but since I got a few pinstripes on my last trip I'm going to say no. Are there any jeep skins for a wk? If so I would highly recommend some to keep that pricy Grand Cherokee pretty. There are other locations in the Forrest that are a little wider.. I have just started exploring last weekend. You should also check the map for wider trail locations.
After checking it out its not bad but there 51 is tighter than 42 but is more challenging but still easy for a jeep the second pic is the creek cross on 42

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I've managed to cobble by yj back together so I'm down for another run.
Looks like were going to try and go on sunday if anyone wants to go.
Where are y'all goin?
We were thinking about going back to brock creek but I think a JK is a little wide for the brock creek specific trails, unless you have a set of jeep skins. If not we should find another trail.
unless you don't mind a few Arkansas pinstripes.
Brock Creek is a little outside Cleavland off of highway 95. You go to the second Morrilton exit, take a right, it is about 25 miles north of Morrilton I'd love to have you come with us but i would highly recommend a set of jeep skins for a JK when wheeling the national forest in Arkansas.
a little of 51

This will give you a idea of why u need jeep skins wheeling out here. This is most of the 1st half of 51
cjsanford8623 said:
Yeah I'm planning on putting some armor in but it's all about how deep my wallet is, and it is not deep at all right now!
Same here but we've changed our plans now we are going to explore some trails outside Perryville in the Ouachita national forest. You're still welcome to go if you want, or if you want, u can wait and if it is wide enough well let u know and come next time
Well we tried outside perryville but too many trees were down so well try back there in a month or two.

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