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Any good wheellin close to Little Rock?

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Live just north of Little Rock and am wondering if there's any legal places to wheel around here. I've headed up to superlift in hot springs a few times but it gets expensive. Anywhere closer would be awesome.
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Sounds good to me! just pm me when you want to get a trip set up. Im free most weekends and some weekdays if I know in advance.
C0mbatChris said:
I'm in Jacksonville. I'd be down to go down some trails with anyone willing to go with. I have a stock '11 Grand Cherokee 4x4 so nothing too sketchy lol
I've been told there's a couple places kind of close, I go up hot springs quite a bit but it gets expensive. I'll try and find out where and post it.
Thanks for the info! We're gonna go exploring up there today of Anyone is interested!
Hey we are gonna try to find some of these trails, if y'all wanna head up there give me a call. 501-837-6596 my name is Caleb
It's a good time. There is around 2800 miles of trails. As long as you don't mind getting some scratches on your jeep. Some of the trails are pretty tight. I'm used to superlift in hot springs so I was looking for a little more extreme obstacles, there are a couple that I went on that had some fun parts but mostly it's small trails that are relatively easy. I don't go up there enough to know the "good" trails , if there is anyone that knows the trails let me know! I would love to go up there up there and know where I'm goin.
Wrench2-3 if I go I'll let you know for sure!
arkabilly said:
Looks like were going to try and go on sunday if anyone wants to go.
Where are y'all goin?
arkabilly said:
unless you don't mind a few Arkansas pinstripes.
Well I wouldn't have minded on my TJ but it might hurt a little more on this jk. Where is Brock creek?
arkabilly said:
Same here but we've changed our plans now we are going to explore some trails outside Perryville in the Ouachita national forest. You're still welcome to go if you want, or if you want, u can wait and if it is wide enough well let u know and come next time
Yeah man if you could that would be awesome. I'm not gonna make it tomorrow, our newborn is taking up a little bit more time than you would think ;)
Anyone wanna head to superlift Sat?
So has anyone found anything close to Cabot that could be fun?
C'mon y'all, find some trails!
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