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PrfctAggression said:
Whatever you do, stay the hell away from Rigs Unlimited in Allenstown. They seriously screwed up the lift on a friend's XJ, took way longer than they said, and overcharged him.

Tim's Speed in Nashua, NH 603-883-2700
Domenic's Auto and Jeep in Hampstead, NH 603-329-9439
Gunseth's 4x4 in Swanzey, NH 603-352-4204 (they're probably too far a drive for you, but they do specialize in Jeeps.

I will 2nd what he said to all above. Domenic does do any lift ya want and he is a good guy that wont steer you wrong. He does not do gear swaps though.

Archies Offroad in Wells Me. does lift installs and his prices for parts is pretty good. He realy pushes BD's lift kits. Im not sure if he does gears.

Another place near you is in Townsend Ma. Im still not sure if he is in buisness though. There web site is way old. Ive been down there 2 times during his posted open hours only to find the place locked up. First time I drove past the place 5 times, he dosent have a sign out. I have heard from many that he is awsome to deal with. By looking at the farm surrounding the place I would guess that it is a part time hobby buisness for him.

There is a place on RT1 in North Hampton, NH. I cant think of the name right now. I havent heard much good about them. They are a 4x4 place that seems to cater to the ricers.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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