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Just bought a WJ 2003 Grand Cherokee Lorado, as per usual the fenders are rotten. I decided to replace them and I tried to get the antenna nut off with the tool and broke the teeth off, then went to the vice grip pliers and then to an air hammer. It came off but was buggered all to hell. I didn't want to spend $60 for a new antenna mount. SOOOO off to home depot I went.
In the plumbing section find the fittings board and look for this guy:

homedepot dot com/p/Everbilt-3-8-in-Compression-Brass-Nut-Fitting-800499/300096132

3/8 compression fitting nut + grinder or bench grinder and for $2.50 you have a replacement nut. And if your plastic cover still exists no one will know how crappy you ground it down :)

Simple steps:
remove ferrel from nut using needle nose pliers
grind lip off top of nut
screw on nut to antenna base
drop on plastic cover.

I cant add pictures / links because this is my first post here. Sorry I went around your block admins but jeez this is a legit post. I can email the pictures to someone to add to this post so they know what it looks like. I am known on other forums for my tech writeups and crazy cheap repairs, I am sure you will hear from me again as this jeep needs love


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