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Saving Trails for Jeeping
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June 1st I was appointed interim Executive Director of Sharetrails/BlueRibbon Coalition. Here is my message to all members and supporters.

I am happy to be your new (interim) Executive Director effective June 1, 2018, driving the Sharetrails/BRC boat! We appreciate all that Martin Hackworth has done and wish him well in his retirement. But for a little bit about me...

I am straightforward, honest and live by a code of honor and ethics, deeply seated in respect for my fellow enthusiasts. You are who I work for and I never let that out of my sight.

With over 20 years of ST/BRC membership, 35 years of land use experience (and writing) and 50 years of off-pavement recreation ranging from dirt biking, street biking, 4x4s, dune buggies, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, rock-hounding, RV'ing and jeeping. There is little I have not done or seen.

But all that still rests on the basic premise that we all fight for and want ACCESS. Access for all; for all sports. That is what Sharetrails.Org/BRC brings you.

I believe in partnerships and cooperation. State, regional and local associations and organizations are critical to the overall success of fighting for access. My standard speech at events usually includes the message: Join everything you can afford to join and that makes sense to you! It takes all of us.

On the other hand, I do not believe in starting a new group or club just because there are a few bad apples or broken issues in the existing outfit(s). Stay in the fight and fix it first!

I am an old soldier and I tend to like lines, orders, lists and clear instructions and expectations. I also like to give clear answers to questions. So, ask away; anytime.

I stand by and believe in volunteers as the back bone of about any hobby or sport. Volunteers must be nurtured, thanked, fed and given solid work if you want to keep them coming back. In that line, I wrote and developed the only online off-pavement oriented training course in the country, the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) that has over 300 students and graduates nationwide. I used this course and a hands-on workshop to facilitate the start-up of saving the Rubicon Trail - Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and the Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF).

I live by expectations when it comes to relationships, partnerships and volunteers. If it makes you smile, write an expectation to achieve it. If it makes you frown, write an expectation to avoid it. None of us are mind readers, so if you want something done a certain way, you have to paint a picture of how that would look. I hope you will join me in continuing to paint a future for ST/BRC and our trails/access.

With the help of our ST/BRC Board of Directors, partners, staff and contractors, as well as our solid base of volunteers, I plan to lead this ship through all waters - troubled or not. I can do that only with your help, input and support. Contact me anytime.
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