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Air Filter

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Finally got the CJ back after replacing the steering column and steering shaft. Took a while to get the right one, but finally nailed it down. Now I'm looking into keeping the 304 working in top condition. Any suggestions of what oil filter and oil to use, as well as, an air filter. K&N? Is it worth the money? Any suggestions? Thank you for all the help. This forum has been amazing for all the help given so far.
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Here is what I use on the 304 in my '79 CJ5:

Air Filter: If you have the stock air filter housing -

Oil Filter:

Thank you, I appreciate it.
Outta curiosity

Cheaper here!

Nuthin in your profile

You in NC? Near where?

Thats like "Hurt your eyes blue" ain't it!

Looks good in the teeny pic---post a full blown pic.

I did go to Amazon and it was cheaper. "Hurt your eyes blue"? Not sure what that means. I'm in the Greensboro area. Post a full blown pick, not a teeny one?
"Get your attention Blue!"

Teeny pic is your avatar---hard to look it over!

Post a nice bigger one!

Sorry. I'm new to this forum. I just got another CJ after over 25 years, had to get rid of my last when we started a family. I'll see what I can do. Don't have many pictures uploaded.

I'm about 230 miles SW of you.

That car behind the hood is about the same color!

Can you hear the radio while driving?

Well....I have (2) 5 1/4 kickers in a box that goes over the gear shift hump I'm going to put in shortly, because no I canNOT! Sounds really good, but hearing the radio sucks!
Debating if I'm going to make some modifications and get rid of the side pipes, and put one some Flowmasters or Glasspacks but I've got other things that are more pressing.

I've got these..

and I'm looking at these...

So we will see.
or something similar for the roll bar.
I'm not a fan of glass packs, I had them in high-school but now I've got in frame headers, 3" pipe to race bullets and I love it. Lots of people comment the sound on the trails.

Other than that and a DUI HEI the 304 is stock.

Had a 7 back in 2000s that had a crate 350 and side pipes and I wasn't a fan of those either, it did sound ok tho.

buying too many parts for too many Jeeps
I've seen too many show up---find their answer and never see hide nor hair of 'em again!


Not at all!

Just showing a nearby feller some interest in his Jeep---Finding out if he really Loves 'em (like me)

or is out to destroy 'em,

Besides, he is a neighbor, I hope I ain't pizzed him off!

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FYI: Summit Racing will price match - at least they did for me last year.

When dealing with a vendor I always ask if they offer any discounts or free shipping.
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Man, I love CJs. This is my third. I'll be around. I've got a ton of little things I want to do her and if I can help anyone with what I've found on here, I'll pass that info on. I guess a high jack, just not sure where to put it. I don't like how it looks on the hood, so we will see.
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