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Affordable Fuel Injection - Tuned ECU chip for 258 Off-road [$125]

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Price $125
Rating 5
Average Price $125
Manufacturer Affordable Fuel Injection
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This is a tuned replacement chip for an AMC 4.2L 258 that has been converted to TBI fuel injection using Chevy "junkyard" parts.
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Price $125
Rating 5
Pros Plug and Play, custom features per order, price, customer service
Cons None so far
Recommended yes

Comments: I put together a junkyard TBI system and the stock chip from the Chevy 4.3L ecu was making my Jeep run rich. I called AFI and they custom tuned a chip for my application. I told them what ECU I was using, what ignition setup I had, and what sensors I was using and they tuned a chip and had it shipped out the next day. The customer service was top notch and this chip was half the price the "other guys" were asking. Jeep runs smooth and all the check engine light issues have resolved.
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