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So I'm always quick recommend Nick for any parts and he has always been able to sort me out with what I need. He knows his stuff like no one else and has competitive pricing.

But you know all that.

You may also know that his customer service is out of this world but let me tell you what happened last weekend.

I was about to place an order for some stuff to get shipped to the UK; Nick had given me a quote on FedEx shipping across. Well last Sunday I found out that a family member was arriving from the US this week.

Short notice but I pinged an e-mail off to Nick and I got a fast reply. Fast forward a day or two and he's been replying to my e-mails working out exactly what parts I need, saving me money and helping me with weights and sizes of boxes (to work out if everything would fit in his family member's bag), all at ungodly hours on a Sunday night. He makes sure all the bits arrive where they're meant to by the cutoff time and keeps me updated with their locations throughout.

Let me be clear, I was going to place the order with him anyway and Nick knew that. He could've easily said 'Sorry, not enough time or notice, we're going to have to ship to you in the UK as planned'. Instead, he went the extra mile to make sure I could get my parts faster and without the high shipping costs, which I really appreciate.

So thanks Nick, and I'm very happy to recommend him to anyone who is in the UK and tentative about ordering from a foreign country.
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