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99 Flex-Jay

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My beloved 92 was totaled in April of 2010. I moved on for a while, but got the bug to see what she could still do. After tinkering and playing with it since this past summer started (made a thread for that bit of time), I determined the body was toast. Nothing lined up and it was far too rusty to deal with. Yes, it could be fixed, but with the money I'd spend in steel, I figured I'd find a body and be done with it... that's exactly what happened.

The new rig's specs:
99 Sport
Blown 4.0 (overheated due to heater core pipe failure)
D30/8.25 w/3.55s & open diffs
Lots and lots of missing parts.

The first stage specs to be:
Bolded = complete
Stock 4.0

NP-231 with SYE


IRO 4.5" coils
IRO 3.5" leafs
Lift shackles
RC shackle relocation
Bilsteins with bar-pin eliminators
IRO double shear trackbar
4-link long arm front suspension
Bump stop according to tire+lift combo
Limiting straps

Coil sprung - Waggy 44 Front with ARB Locker, 4.88 gears, truss, and J10 flat top knuckles with hi-steer
Leaf sprung - 98+ Isuzu 44 Rear with Detroit locker and 4.88 gears

Table of Contents:
Initial Status and Engine Removal

Pre-engine install cleanup and initial fender trimming
Rockauto parts for engine transplant
Work prior to transplant of drivetrain
Drivetrain/784 neon injector install
Door molding adhesive removal (with eraser wheel)
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