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I've have a 97 XJ 2WD Automatic. 395K miles. Always serviced myself. It has been driven by my wife since the day it rolled off the lot. Engine burns no oil, transmission shifts fine no unusual noises. Time had come for a full service so I changed the oil and pulled the transmission pan to change the filter. Found the metal debris in the picture laying in the bottom of the pan. The small pieces are round but seem too small to be any sort of needle bearing I am familiar with. (so far) The transmission is quiet and shifts as as expected. Could this be from the torque converter that is getting ready to self destruct? With this many miles I'm torn between just replacing the filter and fluid buttoning it back up and seeing what blows up or pull the transmission to examine/replace the torque converter. What do you think...?

Edit..Sorry just realized I put this in the wrong forum


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