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Hey y'all!
(For starters, I drive a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 V6)

A week ago my battery terminals were loose so I had to jump the car a few times in order to get it running for a few days. After these few jumps, the Vehicle Display Module would stay on while the car was off and locked, the AC would also stay on as well.

I replaced the battery and terminals and still have the same issue. I replaced the fuse for the Vehicle Display Module after reading about it on here and I still have the same issue. I also replaced the blower motor relay with no luck. However, I am not 100% positive that the blower motor relay was replaced. The part I was recommended to buy from a parts store ended up fitting the area where the AC Clutch 'fuse' is in the fuse box under the hood, so the blower motor relay could also still be the problem. Any tips on locating the correct part and location for the blower motor relay would be extremely helpful.

I am not sure what the issue could actually be and would love any advice. I also thought the ignition switch could be stuck in auxiliary mode, but with the car off I can't roll down the windows or turn on the radio (although I am not sure that would completely diagnose the issue and could still be the problem).

Just very lost on what the real problem could be.
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