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96 Transmition

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I have the T case in but not all of my problems went a way, I still have a hesitation going into drive and once it is in drive it chugs shaking the hole JEEP. I replaced the trans last fall and have changed the fluid and filter twice, could this be a lenkage ajustment or band adjustment issue?:confused:
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Well Ron I just got done researing this and found some good info, might want to check this out. 42RE shifting solutions by Greg Montero. Apparently there is an electrical governer switch just above the park lock external that cotrols presure and speed somehow:confused: I don't know that this will help your reverse thing but it may help me and others. One more thing I lost the speedo in the jeep now that the tcase is back in I tried 2 different ones at the tcase still nothing:confused: It is raining today so I am goint to play Betty Crocker and make some yum yum's I am getting sick of the jeep :wave: Doug
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