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95 zj

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Hello I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee zj I actually traded a race quad for it it came with a broken tie rod but also came with replacements for it home no problem next day put the new tie rods on and drove it for awhile took it off-roading it’s 4x4 so why not they guy said it has a 4 in lift but I don’t thank it does I thank it has a leveling it currently on a brand new set of nitto terra grapplers 265/65/r17 or 31s for short I’ve pulled my friends tj with it currently getting new motor mounts put in new brakes and some other miscellaneous stuff overall the only aftermarket stuff I done is add a stereo and subs blacked out headlights tailights and grille and cut the muffler off and threw a cherry bomb on now the exhaust goes from headers piped to cherry bomb a little confusing but in short the exhaust comes straight out the cherry bomb there’s nothing after it I love it looking to get an xj in the future but still going to keep my zj future plans are lift wheels and tires rock lights more tint and everything to make it good at mudding/Rick crawling it has the 4.0 l6 so it’s not super powerful I would love to get a 5.9 v8 zj but for now I’m saving up to buy a 4.7 stroker to replace my 4.0