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Electric fan... 2000 CFPM
Stock belt driven fan 4000 CFPM

Moving air is a mechanical operation.
The stock fan uses a couple horsepower.
Imagine what a one or two horsepower electric fan would look like.

My Jeep handles big sand dunes in Death Valley at 124* F
No temp issues.
The OEM fan clutch was made by AC/Delco.
I have not had good results from aftermarket fan clutches.
A sure fire way to know if your clutch is shot, look a the front where the bi-metal spring is, if dirt has built up there, the thick viscous fluid has been leaking and it's time for a new one.
The fan runs on a percentage of shaft speed. It's never 1:1 unless it's severely locked up, and you'd know by the howling noise.
In heat, with a good clutch, the fan is running near 50% of shaft rpm.

I have not been successful trying to convert to electric on a Jeep in the desert heat.
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