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87 MJ AC System

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When I bought my 87 MJ the AC system did not work. I am trying to piece it back together before summer arrives. I am looking for some sort of diagram or something of the likes that would help me to figure out what parts I need and what parts I don't need. I know for sure I need a condenser and the hose that goes from the compressor to the condenser.

There is a hose that comes off of the bottom of the receiver/drier that looks to have but cut off at some point. Does anyone know what that hose would be called and where it is suppose to go to?

I found this diagram but it doesn't seem like its the right one to me:
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You might want to post this in Cherokee tech. Parts will be the same and you'll get more responses. I'd also consider an R-134 conversion, it's not exactly easy to find a shop that has R-12 anymore.
Alright will do. I actually know where there is a shop that has a box of R-12 refrigerant but i will probably convert anyways.
R12 is much better if you can get it. Just make sure the a/c system doesn't leak before filling it.
How can you tell if a system is R12 or R134, I don't know much about AC systems and I know that my compressor clutch is leaking out the front, PO said he was placing R
How do you confirm if a system is an R12 or R134? I don't know anything about A systems at all, my compressor is leaking from the front, compressor still kicks on, but I figured it wasn't worth the time to just replace the clutch and bearings, when I can purchase a new compressor and clutch for a little cash. Here is a pic of my system. PO stated he was putting in R12 but that doesn't mean he was correct. Can anyone tell me which system I have, also if the system hasn't been charged and is not blowing cold air I the a reason to vav the lines, can I just change out the compressor and recharge the system?
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Actually in our Jeeps 134a works just fine. I've converted 3 of them already. 39.8* out the vents, sitting still, on a 90* day is not something you could upstage with R12.

The fittings are different and there should be a sticker in the engine compartment.


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