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83 CJ7 Finally out of storage

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I have had this Jeep since 85. Title says I am the original owner but there is a story that Maurice Cheeks bought it for his girlfriend in Texas and put plates from an old VW on it. In 85 he traded it with the same dealer who delivered a Camaro to Texas and drove this Jeep back to Indiana. As I recall, it had like 5,000 miles on it when I bought it. Anyway, it was my daily driver until 92' and got parked in the garage in 1998 with terminal skin cancer.

In July 2019, I finally had the time, motivation, and budget to start the restoration I had alway planned. So I rebuilt the carb, bought a battery, and bungee corded a gas can to the grill with some plastic tubing for fuel lines and fired it up.

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Curious as to what kind of paint you're using, is it a base coat clear coat or a single stage? I have to say you body work looks fantastic as well as your welding skills too! Something tells me this isn't your first rodeo .....
Eagerly waiting for the next installment! I too had major door rust in the window frame on two sets of doors. I lucked out and found another set with minimal rust for a decent price.
Great Job!
Great find, a real birth certificate!
Excellent job on everything, I looked at your first post and and truly impressed in the evolution of your Jeep. I only wish I can get close to what you've done. I'll have to re-read your story, it will help get me motivated!
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