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83 CJ7 151 to 304 engine swap, Will stock Jeep wiring harness work

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I have recently acquired a 304 Jeep engine and I would like upgrade my CJ from the underpowered 151 Iron Duke to the 304. The question that comes to mind is will the existing wiring harness work with the 304? Or will it need to be modified.
Any comments as Im sure this swap has been done before.
Thanks in advance,
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The first question is are you going to have issues with emissions in your state?
If not, then you will need to decide what ignition you want to run. Simplest is points/petronix or an HEI. You can adapt the stock autolite but you will need to get the components for it.
After that, basic choke, oil and temp sensors, and charging system will round out the needed wiring.
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