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Do you have a picture of the top?

Not that it matters but it sounds like a YJ or aftermarket top maybe.

In 82 the hardtop is not plastic, and not light weight. They are heavy fiberglass 76-86. And the rear will have a dome light connector inside on the driver's side by the rear hatch. You should have a plug (orange and black wires) coming out of the harness back there that plugs into it.
The hatch is also completely framed and also heavy. It closes on the tailgate and locks the top so the tailgate can't open. No wiper either.

The outside is completely smooth. No ribs or rsised where the rear seat starts.
I have owned 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 (never found the 86 with the 44 rearend I wanted) CJ7s with factory hardtops and all have been the same style top. The older had t-handle doors but same top. My 78 and 80 Golden Eagles had sunroofs. They were factory installed but were aftermarket and crap. No power, didn't slide.

My 82 was a limited with leather and a padded kind of carpet liner inside the top. From the factory.
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